My holidays!

Welcome back to term 4! I am going to tell you about my holidays. I had a friend come over because I had not seen him in ages.His name is Ky and we have not seen each other in ages so he wanted to come for a sleep over. So he came overafter he had gone to the movies. It was great fun! Bayley 🙂

on friday 5 th of august we are drasup as somthing to do weth sumthing weth canada i am drasingup as red and white.we are doing a lot of a fun

my weekend

This weekend  I am going to the Shep  show.  I am so excited  because  you can win a heap of prizes.  But even if you don’t win a big prize you would at least win a little prize.  There are heaps of games to play.  They are fun.  

my holidays

On the holidays  my friend Paul cane to my house.  Afteer we had lunch we went to Go Jump.  It got boring after a while so we went back home for a while.  Then  we went to Kisdtown.  It was fun and then we slept at my house.